Las Palmas Restaurant

In NYC, there are few neighborhoods that are called “Little ~~~” such as Little Italy, Little Tokyo, Little India, etc. And, most likely, there are more than one spot that have dense population of a particular nationality nowadays. For example, you can find Little Mexico in Washington Heights, Manhattan, and also in Jackson Heights, Queens. […]


My favorite cuisine is seafood. The fresher, the better. If it is Japanese, even better. So, where can you get such seafood? Right by (or inside) the fish market in Japan! Yes, there are some famous ones out there, but you don’t need to go to the famous (a.k.a. crowded with tourists) fish market super […]


There are so many “Izakaya” in Japan, with all different kinds and offerings. There are the kinds that people go with lots of friends for a very fun (and a bit noisy) time, there are the ones where smoking is still permitted, and there are others with a bit more upper class, with dimmed lights […]

The Dickens Tavern

A very nice tavern serving American fare in Longmont, CO.  This building comes with some interesting history if you are history buff.  It was originally built in 1881 by William Henry Dickens, a relative of the famous author Charles Dickens.  They have Dickens Opera House upstairs, where they have live music shows (not your typical […]