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It is always exciting to find a new restaurant, and is very rewarding when everyone has a wonderful experience there, thanks to your discovery. I was looking for a new, great restaurant in Cape Cod, and I came across this restaurant called C Salt. It was in a bit of busy area, and rather small, therefore, I couldn’t get a reservation. At that time, they told me that their second location is much larger, and maybe they still have a table available. Unfortunately, they didn’t. But, they called back few hours later saying that they just had a cancellation. So, I successfully reserved a table at their second location. Good thing do happen to good people!

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Another good thing about this location is that it comes with parking lot. It is located by The Golf Club (TGC), so it is quiet and have good amount of land for the restaurant as well. The C Salt opened their second location at TGC in April 2016, and they are already a great hit among the people in the know. When we walked in, we were welcomed by this large open space decorated with Cape Cod blue, white, and light/dark brown.

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Restaurant is located to the right of the lobby. It was all open-floor design, so we could see all the way to the end of the wall which housed a nice stone fireplace. Right side of the fireplace is a nice bar with counter seats. To the left side is more table seating, with a nice view of the golf course.

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If you are there for the view and fresh air, they have a really large outdoor seating! Dinner while watching a sunset, perfect way to relax and enjoy the meal and company, isn’t it? Since it was more on the hot & humid day, we decided to stay indoors, where they had good air conditioning to keep us cool.

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Each table had a decorated jar with rose-pink sea salt in the inside, topped with a tea light candle. Since they are “C Salt” it was a cleaver and cute play of them. It certainly was different from normal candles or flowers. I appreciated their creativity for sure!


They brought out some complimentary bread which were fluffy and tasty, with whipped butter.


For cocktails, we ordered Sunset Slice ($11) and “Diamond in the Rough” Cosmo ($14). The Sunset Slice is made with raspberry infused vodka, framboise, Prosecco, topped with sliced orange. It was sooooo good! Beautiful bright red of a Sunset, sweet and fruity, just the way I like it. I especially liked the refreshing bubbles from Prosecco. The Cosmo is made with Belvedere unfiltered vodka, splash cointreau & cranberry with sugar coated dry cranberries. This one also had brilliant color. It was also sweet and fruity, but this one had certain elegance to the flavor.

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For the second round, I ordered the Sunset Slice again, since it was a fun drink and tasted amazing! The only difference was that it came in a different glass this time. My hubby ordered C Salt Olde Fashioned ($12) which is made with Bourbon, orange & cherry bitters, and demerara. It was really strong and high quality. It also had three cherries on the bamboo knotted pick to add extra cherry flavor. This is the kind the drink you sip slowly while relax and unwind.


For appetizer, we ordered Fried Oysters which was a special of the day, and Tuna Tartar ($15).  They came with nice presentation, especially the Tuna Tartar.

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The Fried Oysters were nice size, lightly fried, had crisp and crunchy exterior with juicy oysters in the inside. The sauce had a nice kick to it, and good flavor that enhanced the flavor of the oysters.

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The Tuna Tartar came in Poké style, with seaweed salad, avocado, crispy wontons, and lime cilantro aioli. They came on this rose sea salt block. How cool is that! Tuna was super fresh, and seaweed salad had great flavor that went perfectly with the tuna. The addition of wonton was interesting, we could eat them as is, or put some tuna on it, or dip a little aioli on it. However way we ate it, it was tasty and added extra crunchy texture to the dish. It was refreshing and packed with flavor.


For main course, we ordered Captains Cut Cod ($26) and “Line Caught” Togarashi Dusted Swordfish ($31). I enjoyed they menu with Asian influence on them, and they use it in creative ways.

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The Captain Cut Cod is made with pan seared cod, steamed ultra-baby Bok Choy, Shiitake mushrooms, crispy rice cake, red pepper, radish, scallion and Dashi broth. It came with good sized, plump cod pieces with good amount of veggies. Again, this is one of their dish with Asian twist, and all the veggies went really well with the fish. The Dashi broth had its own Umami, that was so comforting. And even thought each ingredients had different texture and essence to them, the broth successfully brought out the flavor of the fish and veggies together in a harmony. It was a very high quality dish, enjoyed it from the first bite to the last.

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The Togarashi Dusted Swordfish was really interesting. It is made with grilled swordfish, roasted baby gold potatoes, lemon Saffron cream, roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes, and baby spinach. Togarashi is a Japanese chili pepper, we use just a dash of it here and there, on noodle soup, donburi, etc. I have never seen it used for “dusting” on a fish or anything, as they are spicy, and therefore the quantity used per dish is rather small. But, since I like spicy food and I like Togarashi, I decided to give this one a try. And it was a great decision! It had that unique spiciness of Togarashi, with good amount of kick to it. The fish was cooked to perfection, soft and flaky without losing its juiciness. The sauce was packed with flavor, and the potatoes that soaked up the sauce was really delicisou as well. It had good amount of spinach hiding underneath the fish, and was really good combination to the fish.


Since our dinner companies does not like spicy food but really wanted to try this dish, our waiter suggested to have this without the dusting of Togarashi. Our waiter was an older gentleman and was very friendly and accommodating. So, here is the one without the dusting of Togarashi, which was of course excellent as well.


At this point, we were pretty full, but since everything we ordered thus far were all so amazing, we could not pass on the desserts. So, for dessert, we ordered Mason Jar S’More ($9) and Strawberry Basil Tarte ($9). Again, the presentation is quite nice.

IMG_1939 IMG_1938

The S’More really did come in the Mason Jar, and in it was chocolate pastry cream, peanut butter & pretzel streusel, topped with toasted skewed marshmallow. On the outside was a housemade graham cracker. First of all, the marshmallow was huge! And the way it was toasted was just flawless, and airy and soft like a cloud. The graham cracker was shiny and crispy, and the jar was packed with decadent velvety sweetness. I enjoyed the added peanut butter flavor, unlike more other S’Mores desserts that have chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker flavors. Granted jar is not the easiest form to eat out of, but it was delicious nevertheless.


I somehow didn’t have that much of high expectation for the Strawberry Basil Tarte, but boy was a wrong. It was really great! It was made with seasonal strawberries, basil, lemon chevre ice cream & balsamic caramel. They really do know how to bring different ingredients together, and make them into one happy family. I didn’t really think strawberry, basil, lemon, balsamic and caramel will go together, but this was very tasty and refreshing. The sweetness of basil cream and strawberry was balanced out with acidic lemon ice cream, and the balsamic caramel had a great flavor that brought them together. Our dinner companies who said they were too full to have dessert certainly went after this one, more so than S’Mores for its refreshing flavor. Needless to say, it disappeared very quickly.


We had a great time here, very relaxing atmosphere with great food. And if you are there with great company, that really completes the experience. This is not a place when you are in a hurry, but when you want to have a relaxing meal with  your loved ones. And therefore, the waiters do not rush you in any way. Some people might consider it as “slow service” but I think it was more to accommodate peaceful and comforting environment. Our server was very polite, knowledgeable, and willing to assist us with any question or request. He made us feel welcomed and always kept a smile of his face. This spot has become one of our favorite restaurant in Cape Cod, so we will definitely return in the future!

TGC Grille By C Salt – 132 Falmouth Woods Road. East Falmouth, MA 02536

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