The Breslin Bar & Dining Room

The Breslin is a gastropub located inside Ace Hotel New York. Contemporary British pub food is served at this hip spot. The interior is dark, classy, with relaxing ambiance, with a lot of interesting ornaments throughout the restaurant. It has some dark wood and gives the feeling of an old-fashioned restaurant from the past, mixed with contemporary decoration, which goes with their menu as well, some old-fashion, some contemporary.

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We went there for brunch, and we were seated at nice booth table which was semi-private, by a framed picture of Snow White. I can see it would be a great spot for romantic dinner as well. The staff are very polite and nice, as soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a hostess with a smile and were taken right away to our table.

We started off with a cup of coffee, which was good, solid, strong coffee while waiting for our orders. We ordered some brunch items; first one was Broccoli and Rabe Frittata ($17) with marjoram and miticrema. I really like broccoli and rabe, so I had to try this frittata version of the dish. It was very light and airy but still it was filling without being too heavy.  It was very tasty, perfect amount of seasoning, great brunch dish.

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We also ordered Carrot and Gingerbread Pancakes ($15) with ginger butter and sorghum. It tasted like fluffy gingerbread cake, not overly sweet, and the ginger was not overpowering so that it won’t get too spicy. The strips that look like bacon on the photo are actually strips of ginger! So, if you want more of that spiciness and extra kick, then go for the ginger strips! Very tasty, very different pancakes from the norm, full of innovative idea!

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If you know anything about Breslin, you know they are famous for your lamb burger. And it is offered in the brunch menu as well. Needless to say, we ordered their Chargrilled Lamb Burger ($22) with feta, cumin mayo, and thrice cooked chips. After one bite, I understand why they are famous for this burger! It was so juicy and tasty, packed with flavor! It is nice and thick, and the buns were soft and tasty as well, ut not fighting against the flavor of the burger. The combination of feta and lamb burger was just magical. The fries were really great too, and the special mustard it came with was pretty nice as well. If you like lamb burger, you do have to try one at the Breslin!

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The Breslin – 16 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

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