The Smith

The Smith is a casual “American Brasserie” (I love the sound of “Brasserie” for some reason), they offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. The inside is bright without being too bright, to bring out that cozy atmosphere. The interior is rather simple and clean, with nice contrast of white against dark wood.

They are busy even during the weekdays, with their sophisticated decor, good service, and good food. We went on one morning during the weekday, and it was still busy enough. We ordered several morning dishes, and they were all pretty, from presentation to the taste. What’s really great, they start you off with their complimentary cheese biscuits! They are baked to perfection, with cheese oozing out from warm, moist, flaky biscuits…

Smith 1

First up of the main dishes is BLT+E Sandwich ($12), which comes with fried egg, apple smoked bacon, croissant, and home fries. The Croissant was larger than expected, soft, flaky, and buttery. The bacon had very nice flavor. The home fries was really nice also, had nice amount of seasonings, the potatoes were soft without being too mushy. Next one, Classic Eggs Benedict ($13), which comes with home fries. It was pretty good, nothing too special, but a decent dish with strong flavor. Again, the home fries were pretty good also.

Smith 5 Smith 3

Steak + Eggs ($15) comes with sunny up eggs and home fries. If you are hungry and want some meat in the morning, you know what to order. This will get enough protein, energy, and all other stuff for the rest of the day. The steak was cooked as requested, juicy, good portion, not too big.  The last one is Vanilla Bean French Toast ($12) which comes with maple butter and caramelized bananas. It was soft, sweet, and the bananas provided extra flavor and texture.

Smith 4 Smith 6

We also ordered a Brahmin Tea ($3.50) which is an English breakfast style tea. It was a very nice way to finish off the flavorful breakfast.

Smith 2

One tips about The Smith, if you want to have the same dish at a couple of dollars cheaper, head over to their East Village location!

The Smith (Midtown) – 956 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10022


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