Vive La Crêpe!

I always enjoyed crepe since I was little. Growing up, I only knew the sweet kinds, but it is great that there are so many different kinds of crepes out there. Especially when you want a light something, but flavorful and not bad for you kind, I always think of crepes, the savory kind. Vive La Crêpe! certainly has many menu selection of both sweet and savory, and I always thought of them as fresh and high quality. I especially love one of their cute seating decor they they have at each location; long wooden block with back of the chair sticking out of it. I think it is really creative and adorable. Lots of wood used in the interior, bringing the cozy, comfortable feeling throughout, with great natural light coming in from large windows.

Crepe4 Crepe3

We ordered one of their savory crepes, smoked salmon with cream cheese, and capers ($9.50). They make each crepe right there, each one made to order. It is fresh, warm, soft…it is just great! I had there sweet crepe also and they are really nice as well. This one had lots of nice smoked salmon which was thick and fresh, with nice added flavors from capers. One of my favorite crepes here. We also got a bottled water, Evian ($2.50) in a glass bottle.

Crepe1 Crepe2 Crepe5

The service is quick, unless they are packed, it doesn’t take long to get your order. Nice spot to relax a bit with a light lunch, snack, or desserts!

Vive La Crêpe! – 532 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024

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