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Not all airports offer variety of good, quality food for the travelers. Finding tasty food that you actually like around the gate can be tough. You tend to go towards what you are familiar with, or looks/smells good, or look for a name that is well known. Wolfgang Puck is certainly well known in the US, and even across the world. So, when I saw that name at Denver Airport, I was relieved and excited to try what kind of food they serve.

Now, make no mistake, this is NOT the typical Wolfgang Puck restaurant, it has “Express” at the end of their name. Wolfgang Puck Express features Wolfgang’s most popular dishes in a fast-casual setting with at lower prices than at their regular restaurant. They are counter-serve chain offering signature pizzas, sandwiches & other light fare.

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The kitchen area is at the back of the restaurant, and that is where you order. The counter was shaped kind of like a horse shoe shape, and hey had several sections (although it was not clear that they were separate), and thus based on what you want to order, you talk to the staff at that section. For example, if you want salad, you go to the salad section, if you want pizza, you go to pizza section to order.

They didn’t have variety of menu, just very basic stuff like salad, sandwich, pizza, pasta, and chicken tenders. I decided to have spaghetti with meatballs ($15). It came with garlic, tomatoes, torn basil, and 2 chicken meatballs. The meatballs were pre-made, but they cook the pasta to order, which I thought was great. Sure it takes a bit longer, but it is always better to get freshly cooked pasta than pre-cooked pasta that is getting dry or sticky or something horrible like that. The meatballs were huge and juicy, and the pasta was cooked right. The sauce was very tasty, even though I originally thought it was kind of a small portion, it was very filling! $15 might be a bit pricey for a plate of spaghetti with meatballs, but it was very good, delicious, and good quality. Wolfgang Puck Express certainly did NOT disappoint. It is good to have these type of option at the airport, rather than just some bakery & cafe.

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The staff who took my order and cooked the spaghetti was nice and polite. He told me how long my order will take when I ordered, so I knew that it was not “super quick” food. You go to the register after you pick up the food to pay, which was quick and the cashier was nice also.  The eating area was big enough with many tables and chairs, and it was kept clean. Good way and a spot to try out just a little taste of famous Wolfgang Puck.

Wolfgang Puck Express – 8500 Peña Boulevard, Concourse B, G8, Denver, CO 80249

2 thoughts on “Wolfgang Puck Express

  1. My daughter and I ate at wolf gang pucks express at the San Fran. Airport. We were delighted to have a great meal before our flight. Delicious chicken sandwich with a very good macaroni and cheese!!!! I just wish the manager and staff were friendlier… If we were not Hungary for a good meal we would have gone else where.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Glad to hear you and your daughter had a nice meal before your flight! Food at airport can be such a challenge…
      Good to know their chicken sandwich and mac & cheese are delicious, maybe I will try them out the next time!
      Hope you had a pleasant travel!


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