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It is always good to have a nice cafe in a neighborhood, where the locals can gather and relax while enjoying each other’s company. And if the cafe has really good coffee or sweets, or both, then it will be even better. While we were in Sonoma Valley, we found this cafe with lots of locals and visitors, and fabulous looking sweets. This cafe offers hand crafted European-style pastries, baked goods and desserts. And even during a weekday, it was very lively with locals and visitors, which was very good sign.

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Inside was not too large, but spacious enough, with lots of seating in the inside and outside. It was nice and bright in the inside with large windows that goes from the ceiling to the floor, and additional light fixtures to make it even more lively. It was quite busy, but I could see it was a spot for everyone, from someone just wanted to have a nice quiet time alone, or for people who want to have fun time with family and friends.

Since were full (unfortunately), we didn’t get to taste any of their desserts, but it all looked really great! In a way, I was glad that I was not hungry, because I would have ordered so many of them, or took forever to decide on which one to try. And the prices looked very reasonable as well. I was especially curious about their Beehive Cake, it looked amazing!

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So, since we were full from our lunch, we only wanted a cup of coffee. We ordered a latte ($3.50 for medium). It came with really fluffy foam on the top, and was good quality cup of coffee. Perfect pick-me-up in the afternoon.

It was a pleasant experience, even though we were just getting a coffee. The staff was friendly, and it provided a nice moment of relaxation. I can see why they were popular among the neighbors. Next time I go back to Sonoma Valley, I would have to go back to try some of their desserts!

Basque Boulangerie Café – 460 First Street East, Sonoma, CA 95476

2 thoughts on “Basque Boulangerie Café

  1. Hello, FoodloverGirl!
    Even though it is a year and a half late, we thank you for your gracious review and we are so glad you liked your experience with us.
    We hope you do return someday to try our Beehive cake, it is our signature dessert.

    Thanks again,
    Basque Boulangerie Cafe Sonoma

    1. Hello Basque Boulangerie Cafe!

      I am glad you found my blog, better late than never, thank you for your warm comment.
      Yes it was so disappointing that I didn’t have any room in my stomach for your dessert, or two, or three…
      Would LOVE to go back and try your signature Beehive cake for sure!

      Until next time…

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