Big Daddy’s

If you are looking for a place to get a large plate of something (especially burgers, shakes, and tater tots) from early morning to really late evening, in more of a diner setting, then you need to head over to Big Daddy’s. Don’t expect a high quality service from your waiter, but the food is pretty good. Almost surprisingly good.

The interior is very bright and colorful, from the wall to the table to chairs and everything else, with lots and lots of decor of all kinds. It has that “fun” feeling throughout the entire place.


We went there on one weekend for brunch, we were super hungry… So, we ordered what seemed to be a pretty good size brunch item. Bow Wow Wow and What About Bob? were their names and they both sounded interesting and delicious.

Bow Wow Wow ($15) is a “breakfast on a waffle” and has a buttered waffle, scrambled eggs, canadian bacon, american cheese, hash browns, all piled on. We expected to see a waffle with all these on top of it. BUT, they actually made it into a waffle sandwich! It is really creative, and a very fun breakfast item! And of course, it comes with tater tots which were delicious on it own…! The waffle was soft, moist, sweet, and hash browns had nice flavor, and everything else working perfectly together to create a quite amazing dish.  Just drizzle on the maple syrup on the waffle and dig in!


What About Bob? ($12) on the other hand is a “breakfast on a bun” and has a buttery bun, with scrambled eggs, bacon, vermont cheddar & hash browns. Very similar to Bow Wow Wow, but on the buns instead of waffles. I actually thought this will be a much smaller dish from the waffle version, but let me tell you, this one was as big as the waffle version… And again, comes with their amazing tater tots. The buns were soft enough and had nice density. I liked both the bun and waffle versions of it, had such great flavors. Great for when you want a big, I mean a really big breakfast!



They have a lot more selections, so when you are in a mood for something big or juicy or basically a dish (or drink) with lots of calorie (LOL), head over to Big Daddy’s and then, go for a nice, long walk afterwords…

Big Daddy’s – 2454 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

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