Delta SKY360° Suite @ Yankee Stadium #2

I had the opportunity to enjoy the game from the Delta Suite again, which was really exciting. (You can read about my first blog on Delta Suite here: On this day, it was extra special because it was 9/11, and also its was “Kids” day, which we were not aware of. So what do we get on a Kids Day? All sorts of fun, that is what! They had face painting, balloon lady, and caricature artist!

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Of course, all the kids were super excited, along with adults with kids at heart. I didn’t get any face painting or fun balloon, but we did get caricature of us, by very fun, friendly, and talented Akbar. He made sure to put us in NY Yankee attire, and gave us baseball and a glove. I love how it came out, we have to get a frame for this!


As I mentioned in my first blog, we get complimentary water, non-alcoholic beverages like coffee, peanuts and popcorn. So, we didn’t really need a lot of food. We decided to get more of their sushi, since it was pretty good the last time we were at the Delta Suite. This time, we ordered Bronx Roll ($15) and New York Roll ($15).

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The Bronx roll is made with spicy salmon & cucumber, topped with salmon and avocado. It had nice amount of salmon, and was very fresh. The crunchy texture of fresh cucumber and velvety texture of avocado went great with the salmon. It had nice kick to it, certainly spicy but not overwhelming.

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The New York Roll is made with shrimp tempura, topped with spicy tuna. More of a simple roll with just shrimp tempura in the inside, but the spicy tuna on the top added that extra flavor and texture. It had nice spiciness to it also. The tempura was lightly fried, with good crunchy exterior.

img_4973 img_4976

The price of the roll might be a bit high, but it is Delta Suite, and with other things we get for free, it is totally worth it. They are fresh and staff are polite. This was an extra fun day, thanks to the Kids Day that we didn’t even know about!

And for 9/11, “NYPD Emerald Society Pipes and Drums” came out and it was very heart-felt, emotional, and they were certainly grand. I am glad I got to witness this wonderful performance. Thank you so much!

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I really love Delta Suite, they do a really great job here. The staffs are nice (mostly), especially the female staff who greets everyone at the door and give you the wrist band. She was really friendly and sweet. She was the one who told us to get the caricature, and we are so happy we did! I would like to go back to the suite again in the future!

Delta SKY360° Suite – 1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451

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