Eclair Bakery

One of my favorite dessert is eclair. It is like an elongated version of cream puff, which is another one of my favorite. When I heard there is a sweet shop who focuses on eclairs, I had to go there. We made it right before they were closing. Well, ok, we got there when they are in process of closing already. But I think my puppy eyes got to the staff, and they let us get couple of their eclairs (for as long as we didn’t take our sweet time).


But then all of their eclairs looked sooooooo good, it was like jewels in the lit window showcase. I wanted like five or ten of them, but we decided on just two. And that was not easy… But we got to start somewhere, and the staffs were ready to close up and go home for the night.


We asked for Matcha ($5.25) and Cheese Cake ($5.25). It was only when we got home and open up the box, we realized we didn’t get Matcha, but got Dulce de Leche instead. We were all in a hurry before closing, so the staff must have gotten confused which one we ordered (they were side by side in the window showcase). Since I wanted to have all of their eclairs, I didn’t mind we got a different kind from the one we ordered.

img_8366 img_8370

The Dulce de Leche was quite elaborate, with carmel and sliced almond on top. The inside was filled with nice amount of velvety cream, which I was very happy to see. Some place only put tiny little amount of cream in the inside, but here, they do it right. It had a good weight to it because it was filled with cream. It had really great flavor of dulce de leche, every bite was like caramel eclair heaven.

img_8368 img_8369

The Cheese Cake had fresh raspberries, and topped with fluffy cream. It had whipped cheesecake filling cream in the inside and out, like clouds made of sweet goodness. It was really nice, creamy, milky, sweet, super delicious. Both eclairs were made with such care, and simply amazing.

img_8371 img_8373

I also discovered later that they have a tasting box which contains mini eclairs, I might want to get that the next time. Or, I can just keep going back there over and over, until I have tasted them all… But then again, I might not stop going there even after I tasted them all… The staffs there were really nice and friendly, despite the fact that we were delaying them from closing the shop, they still treated us with warm smile. Can’t wait to go back there for more! Until next time…

Eclair Bakery – 305 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

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