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I had a pleasure of visiting this fun bar for an event.  We had such a great time, so much more than expected. We like this neighborhood to begin with, but for some reason, we were not aware of this particular spot. But we are so happy we were introduced to this neighborhood gem!


When we walked in, it was really lively and vibrant, even thought it was Wednesday evening. I thought it was interesting how the e’s BAR had several sections within the bar, starting with outdoor seating space, main bar/dining area, then a smaller, a bit more quiet area with some booth seating, and then a party room at the end with lots of games. It felt like they constructed the bar for every kind of people to hang out. How thoughtful and considerate! And, I felt like the each section had its own hue of color, reminded me of some movies using different colored filter lens to let the viewer know they are showing different location or time within the movie… The first section is the largest, with red-purple haze color.

IMG_1564 IMG_1559

The second section is the smaller, bit more on the chilled side, since it is more quite. It had red hue, accompanied by red light in the shape of a heart. Maybe this is for couples and lovers…

IMG_1563 IMG_1562

Our event was at the party room, all the way back. They had a sliding door, so it could be closed if there is a private party going on. The wall by the entrance was a large chalk board, listing all sorts of bar menu. They had fun Polaroid photos on the ceiling, I wonder how we could get up there… They also had all sort of board games, card games, dart board, everything you need to have a fun game night.

IMG_1560 IMG_1561
The party room had its own bar, and for our event, they had a specialty cocktail made with Buffalo Trace Whisky and Saranac Ginger Beer. It had nice ginger flavor, a bit on the sweet side, and super tasty. They made it nice and strong. After two drinks, we were done!

IMG_1545 IMG_1548

They had nice spread of fresh veggie plate with dipping sauce. And I mean fresh! They were crispy and tasty… Nice to have healthy options at a bar. They also had chips with guacamole, which had real nice kick to it. That spiciness went great with the cocktail.

IMG_1547 IMG_1546

We had a real pleasure of meeting the General Manager, Mark at this event. He was very sweet, friendly, and fun! He made us feel right at home. He described that the bar was created with such atmosphere where the owner and staff wanted to hang out at, a kind of relaxing East Village bar, just better. I agree with that and was very fun, relaxing, and had a great vibe. Yes it was a bit loud but still, it brought out the friendliness out of people.

IMG_1555 IMG_1549

He took care of us and brought “real” food when they came out. He made sure our table had good amount of food. Bless you Mark…! First up was these delightful Crispy Sharp NY Cheddar Balls. They were steaming hot, lightly fried so they were not greasy, and yes, addictive. I felt like this one was better when they are not super hot. When they cool down just a little, the cheese in the inside settles a bit, so it was easier to bite into it without the melting cheese going everywhere. The dipping sauce was really tasty as well.

IMG_1550 IMG_1554

Then there were the Mini Burger with Cheddar Beer sauce. The beef are grass fed, very juicy and flavorful. The cheese was lovingly hugging the patty, and the sauce added that extra punch of flavor. It was so good, I wanted to stash some of these babies in to my purse… Both cheese balls and the burgers were amazing, comforting, and could not stop eating. Just what we need in the middle of the week of keep us going until the weekend comes.

IMG_1557 IMG_1553

We had a really nice time, with generous amount of quality food and drinks. Special thanks to the GM, Mark. We will definitely go back for some fore fun time in the future!

e’s BAR – 511 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

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