Federal Donuts

So, there is this interesting little place called Federal Donuts in Philly. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit there myself, but I received donuts from there as a gift. So, how do I know it is interesting place? Because they serve Coffee, Donuts, and… Chicken!  Fried chicken, to be exact. I guess donuts are deep fried also, so I can see how they are focusing on 2 completely different cuisine that are made in similar fashion.

We received 3 donuts: Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Strawberry Lavender, and Vanilla Spice. They are $1.50 each, or $6 for half dozen, and $11 for dozen. I am almost glad I didn’t go myself, because I might have came out with a dozen or two donuts… They looked really good!

So, we tried each one: Strawberry Lavender – had more like a hint of strawberry, with nice aroma of Lavender.  Vanilla Spice – I believe this is the most basic donuts from their menu, and it was dense, moist, and a really delicious. Cinnamon Brown Sugar – had hint of cinnamon, more of brown sugar flavor.

FD 7 FD 8 FD 9

Overall, they are all really great donuts, moist, sweet, dense, and filling. Very high quality, even though we didn’t get it super fresh (since we received it as a gift), but it was still pretty amazing.

They seem to have several locations throughout Philly, so if you are in the area, go and try! (and let me know how it was…) I would also love to try their Asian style fried chicken too…

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