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I feel like Thai food is always a safe choice wherever you are. I think I can rely on getting something that taste good, no matter where you are, it is not easy to mess up classic Thai dish (in my opinion). When we were looking for a lunch spot in SF, we found this Thai restaurant, House of Thai. Since we wanted something that is Asian cuisine, it was a perfect find for us at that time. The exterior had a new signs and paints, as it used to be a different restaurant name (another Thai restaurant, different management). It was located on a quiet street, so the restaurant was mostly empty. As we entered, we were greeted immediately with warm smile, and was offered any open seats we wanted.

HT 08  

The interior are rather simple, lots of wood from floor to table to the counter. The walls facing the streets were all windows, from floor to ceilings, making the inside very bright with natural lights. We saw some customers coming in for take out orders, maybe this place is more popular with take out?

HT 01 HT 07

Regardless, we started off with some nice cold drinks. We ordered Thai Iced Coffee ($3) and Lychee Thai Tea ($3). Their version of iced coffee is very sweet, very strong. Good pick-me-up in the afternoon to me. I love Lychee, in any form, so when I saw Lychee tea, I had to order one. It came with the actual Lychee on the top, a nice large plump one. It was sweet, with Lychee flavor, and was very refreshing. I could have another glass (or two).

HT 02 HT 03

Then we moved on the main dish. We ordered Pad Thai ($10) and Tom Kha ($12). Pad Thai came with pan fried rice stick noodles with shrimps (can substitute for chicken, beef, or pork), egg, fresh tofu, green onion, bean sprout, and ground peanuts. It was a good portion, not too big nor small, and $10 price tag was really nice. As described, it had lots of ingredients, making it filling and satisfying. The seasoning was just right, not too salty or too tangy. Tom Kha soup was a with spicy coconut milk soup with lemongrass, galanga, Kaffir lime leaves, red and green onions, and straw mushrooms. You can choose between Chicken or Tofu and mixed vegetable ($10), Shrimp or Calamari ($12), or Seafood ($13). We went with the Shrimp. It had strong taste of coconut and lemongrass, making a interesting flavor. We asked it to be “mild” but it had a nice kick to it. It might not for everyone, but it was really good. Very thin soup, with big shrimps, 5-7 of them, didn’t have much of any other filling ingredients. So, being it almost like just the broth and shrimps, it was not very filling. It will be a good choice if you wanted a light meal.

HT 05 HT 06

The service was good, as we were one of the very few customers, but the waiters were attentive, answered our questions with smile, we had no problem there. So, next time you are looking for a good, solid Thai food, go over to House of Thai and give their yummy drinks and food a try!

House of Thai – 901 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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