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If you love sushi, you must be a fan of both extremely high quality & expensive kinds, and good quality & cheap kinds.  If you are in Japan and you put quantity before quality, then you will find your self in one of those Kaiten-Sushi restaurants, where you can eat lots and lots of sushi for very low price. Kaiten-sushi means rotation sushi, and is a fast-food sushi restaurants, having all types of sushi always ready within your reach. Once the sushi is made, the plate is placed on a rotating conveyor belt and it goes around the restaurant, moving past every table and counter seat until someone takes the plate.

Kappa Sushi is one of these Kaiten Sushi restaurants. It is large, bright with lots of natural lights coming in fro, big windows. There are plenty of seating, but it still gets busy during rush hours on weekends. The service here is really great, you will  be greeted with smile as soon as you walk in, and all the staff here are always willing to assist you with whatever you need.

  Kappa 02.

Each table is set right next to the conveyor belt, where all kinds of sushi comes by. Each plate goes from around $1 to $3, depends on the item, and it is easy to identify by looking at the plate. They also offer free, unlimited green tea. They have their own Green Tea Powder, which makes it easier and faster to have your tea while having sushi or whatever you fancy.

Kappa 10 Kappa 05 Kappa 06 Kappa 04

But, of course, you also care about quality, so you want to make sure you want to get a “freshly made” sushi. At Kappa Sushi,  . At Kappa sushi, you can order from the touch screen above the conveyor belt by your table, and click “order” – it is so simple and easy! They use this very cute miniature train to deliver your orders, directly from the kitchen to your table.  They have a separate “rail” for the train above the conveyor belt, so your order does not get mixed in with the other sushi plates for anyone and everyone to take.

Kappa 09  Kappa 03

We ordered so many kinds of sushi, one plate after another… make sure not to order too much too fast! They have all sorts of sushi, both Nigiri and Roll, also, they offer other items such as soup, udon, edamame, and even french fries and fried chicken! Another interesting thing is that they have several creative sushi dishes that are not traditional, such as hamburg steak sushi, wasabi eggplant sushi, prosciutto roll, etc.  All these sushi on the photo below were about $1 a plate.

Kappa 15Kappa 16Kappa 17Kappa 18

They also have daily special as well, and I saw this “Pork Kalbi Sushi” which is basically, cooked bacon on rice??? No, I didn’t try it… But they try to come up with something inventive all the time to keep the customers stay interested.

Kappa 20 

Their Takoyaki and Udon are pretty good also, especially the takoyaki. You should definitely order this one while you are here. One of old Japanese tradition is to end you meal with noodle or rice dish. (more noodle than rice, I think) So, we ordered Tempura Udon (about $2.50)and it was pretty good too. The soup was not too salty or spicy, it was light and tasty. Good way to end your meal!


Overall, I really enjoyed the lunch at the Kappa Sushi, the quality of sushi was good, the price right, and the service was excellent. What more can you ask for? This restaurant is one of my go-to place when I am in Japan, and it will continue to be so…!

Kappa Sushi – 1 Chome-17 Oyamadai, Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture 277-0837, Japan

かっぱ寿司 – 千葉県 柏市 大山台 1-17

4 thoughts on “Kappa Sushi

  1. Can you please tell me how to mix the green tea powder and what is in the package with the small tin of green tea. Thank you

    1. Hi there!
      You can simply put small amount (1 tsp) into a tea cup and pour hot water. I am not sure what “package” you are referring to, but the packages they have there if I remember correctly were the wasabi that you can use with Sushi.
      I hope this helps!

  2. I had the great pleasure of having sushi here a few years ago and purchased a few tins of green tea powder. I’ve not had its equal in the US. Do you know if they ship their tins to the States?

    1. Hi Eve, thank you for your message.
      I don’t believe they ship their tea cans overseas. I wish if I could buy them here also!
      Hope you can find a good tea powder soon locally.

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