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One of the most delicate desserts out there (to me) is mille crêpes. They are so rich, sweet, and elegant… You can find them at many places including restaurants and cafe, but my favorite so far is the one from Lady M. I think many others feel the same way, because it is almost always busy! They have a very simple exterior without much of any flashy sign. Just look for a spot with a line, and you will know that is the one. Lady M provides freshest and finest handmade cakes, and their specialty is mille crêpes. The quality of their mille crêpes is really amazing.

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With their attempt with crowd control, they have line for dining to the right and another line for pick up & take out orders to the left. If you are dining in, the wait staff will call you in when there is a seat available. Pretty clever, I think. But still, it will be crowded in there no matter what, until they expand the inside space.

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The interior is even more simple, with white walls, white tables and chairs, white plates and cups. They have no extra color or decoration. Not even a single art on the wall. It is all about the desserts here, so all your focus should be on what you are eating, without any distraction. The space is narrow, with ordering counter and register to the left, and seating area to the right. Since there are always quite number of people coming in for carry out purchase, which go from the entrance door to the cashier counter which is about the mid way in to the restaurant, the first half of the restaurant is very crowded, with almost no space to walk by them to get to your seats or to the restroom that is all the way at the back of the restaurant.



We ordered tea to go with our fabulous desserts, Earl Grey ($7) and Paris ($7). With the pot, it had about 3 cups worth of tea, which was perfect for this dessert time. Earl Grey had that rich black tea flavor, high quality tea leaves. Paris was a black tea blended with bergamot, black currant, vanilla and caramel. Yes it sounds great and tasted pretty nice too. I really like black currant tea, so I was excited for this tea. It had a nice natural sweetness to it, flavorful and fruity.

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So, the desserts. My favorite mille crêpes is their Green Tea Mille Crêpes ($8.50). Fine green tea powder is infused into every element, so you get that rich, real green tea taste with every bite. It has around twenty lacy thin crêpes stacked on top of each other, with pastry cream in between each layers. Finished with powdered green tea to top. It really is exquisite, decadent, and melt in your mouth. Once you have a bite, it is unforgettable.

Lady M 07

We also tried Marron Mille Crêpes ($9), which has notes of roasted chestnuts. Their signature crêpes with around twenty thin layers of handmade crepes, and chestnut pastry cream, topped with powdered sugar. It also had small chunks of chestnut, which was really nice, adding extra texture and flavor. I don’t know how they make their mille crêpes so light and airy and at the same time, so rich and dense. It is certainly one of a kind.

Lady M 06

We also wanted to try one of their cakes that is not mille crêpes, so we ordered Pumpkin Nuage ($7.50). It is a combination of pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. It has cream cheese and pumpkin puree on top of crushed graham cracker base. Gently spiced with cinnamon, adding that extra flavor that goes perfectly with pumpkin. It was dense, rich, and velvety. The mix of pumpkin puree and cream cheese made the pumpkin flavor less intense, so it was a nice, mild flavor. They obviously know what they are doing when it comes to dessert.

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All of their offering, both mille crêpes and other types, they all look really amazing, and after trying three of their desserts, I am certain all of their offerings taste pretty great also. I can’t wait to go back to try some other desserts, but since they are really rich (and busy), I will have to pace myself before I go back. It can’t be one of the “frequent” spot, unless I want to gain crazy amount of weight very quickly… If you are wanting to a decadent, high quality sweets that are unforgettable, head over to Lady M!


Lady M Confections Boutique – 36 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018

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