Lou Roc’s Diner #2

Just as we promised, we went back to this marvelous diner, the king of all the diners (to us, at least), Lou Roc! Our last (and our first) visit was so incredibly amazing (you can read about it here: http://www.foodlovergirl.com/lou-rocs-diner/), we just had to go back for more!  You can also read about the background history of diners on my first blog post about Lou Roc, which is quite interesting.

We again arrived at dawn, before they get too busy. We were greeted by the same waitress from before, with big welcoming smile. We were finally back! The inside was a bit more lively than the last time, as we arrived later time than the last time. And, the customers kept coming in more and more. Each time, the waitress greeted them with “Hi John!” “Mornin’ Tom!” “Usual Paul?” since she knew almost everyone by their names.

IMG_1149 IMG_1148

Learning from the previous experience (their portion size is ridiculously huge!), we decided not to order any side dish. We started off with hot tea ($2.20) this time. After the cup was done, I asked for more hot water, and waitress filled it right away for me.


Again, learning from our previous huge portion food servings, we decided to go with Eggs Benedict. That is usually a portion that is not crazy huge, right? Wrong! This is Lou Roc, after all. We ordered Polish Benedict ($8.25) and Irish Benedict with homemade hash ($9). When they came to our table, we were again amazed at the crazy portions!

IMG_1152 IMG_1151

So, how big are they? look at this! So huge and heavy, loaded with mountain-full of deliciousness.


The Polish Benedict came with two poached eggs over Kielbasa sausages, over English muffins. It also came with home fries. The kielbasa were sooooo tasty, cooked perfectly. Their home fries were still super delicious. Eggs were cooked just right, and the Hollandaise sauce was pretty good too. It was flavor explosion!


The Irish Benedict with homemade hash (they also have the version with canned hash) was simply amazing. We had the homemade corned beef hash the last time as well, and it was unforgettable. They have not changed since then, still incredibly tasty, juicy, packed with flavor. The eggs were poached to perfection, egg porn right in front of our eyes…

IMG_1153 IMG_1160

After we ate as much as we could, this is how much was left on the plate. This is after I ate so much, and my hubby helped a lot too.  We happily took home the rest of the Benedict (both Irish and Polish) home and had them the next morning.


At the end, we had another magnificent experience here at Lou Roc. Friendly service, amazing food, and incredible amount of food. We will be sure to return again in the future, for more delicious food!!! If you are a fan of any diner, this is a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime!

Lou Roc’s Diner – 1074 W Boylston St, Worcester, MA 01606

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