MacarOn Café

One of the well known and popular Macaron shop in NYC.  I like the fact that there are several locations, and the macaron size is bigger than most other places. Their macarons are naturally gluten free, Kosher certified, and hand-made in NYC. They also offer sandwich, salad, and few other items other than macaron.

We went the one in Midtown on 36th street, a small little cozy spot. I love the decor, the big red lips really pops out the wall. And the mural of NYC is really cool. They have many selections of macaron, each with bright colors. The staff there was friendly and had nice, chilling & relaxing atmosphere. There is a small seating area towards the front of the shop.

Macaron 8

We ordered several macarons to try: Chocolate Raspberry, Pistachio, Crème brûlée, and Wedding Almond.

Chocolate Raspberry had chocolate filling that had some small raspberry chunks (or more like raspberry jam), with chocolate flavored macaron on one side and raspberry flavored macaron on the other side. The chololate filling was rich and creamy.

Pistachio macaron was quite green. The filling had chunks of pistachio, it was pretty nice.

Crème brûlée was sweet and had small chunks of caramelized sugar around the filling. I am not sure if I got so much of “Crème brûlée” flavor from it, but it was still nice.

Wedding Almond used to be more yellow color, but they recently changed it to be pink. It had nice almond flavor, but not strong enough to be “almond macaron” to me.

Each macaron was soft, moist, and just a little chewy which I prefer better than it being dry and falls apart while eating it. Larger size macaron than most other macaron stores (large enough to cut it in half to share with someone), sweet, creamy, and enough variety to please everyone.  So far, my favorite one is Macha tea (from my previous visit), it had a very nice, authentic macha flavor. Their white chocolate macaron is also really awesome.

Macaron 6 Macaron 4 Macaron 2 Macaron 1

If you want just a little sweet snack and want variety of flavors to choose from, then you should head over to one of the MacarOn Café stores for a macaron or two (or three).


MacarOn Café  – 161 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018

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