New Leaf Restaurant & Bar #2

This is my second review of this place. You can read my original review at:

This restaurant always provides that tranquil, relaxing atmosphere in the NYC, away from all the noise and crazy amount of people. It is a great place to stop for a meal after visiting Cloisters or just taking a nice walk inside the Fort Tryon Park.


We went there for lunch, during the weekday, so it was not too busy. Reservation is recommended regardless. We started off with their soup of the day, Gazpacho ($8) and Arugula Salad ($12). The soup was served cold, as a normal Gazpacho would, and it had a big slice of avocado. It was spicy, and the avocado helped make the flavor a bit more mild. It had lots of veggies, very refreshing. The salad came with walnuts, lemon-vinaigrette, green olives, and cheddar. It was fresh, nice texture of the walnuts, and the dressing was very nice.

NL 05 NL 06

We also ordered Rice Gnocchi (for the second time), New Leaf Burger, and Classic Burger. The Rice Gnocchi ($16) came with pork ragu, roasted rice cakes, garlic, scallion, fried onion, and cheddar powder. The first time we ordered this few months ago, it was really salty, and this time, it was still very salty. So, now we know that is how they season this dish. I wish if they would reduce the amount of the salt used, otherwise, it would be a really great dish. (read more at:  The classic Burger ($12) came with tomato, lettuce, cheese on potato roll, and fries. It was a regular burger, nothing really special. It was juicy and flavorful, but not spectacular.

NL 04 NL 13

The New Leaf Burger ($14) came with pickles, fried egg, hashbrown, cheese, on English muffin, and fries. It was more of a “Brunch” burger, and it was amazing! I loved every ingredients of this burger, and it tasted great together! It might be a bit difficult to eat it if you have a small mouth. Forget using knife and fork, the hashbrown will start to crumble apart. But it was all worth it, because it was certainly well made, great flavor.

NL 03

Overall, a solid lunch, and everyone was full and quite happy with their food. The service is slow, but polite and professional.  Stop by when you are around Cloisters or Fort Tryon Park, I definitely recommend the New Leaf Burger if you like breakfast/brunch burger!

New Leaf Restaurant & Bar – 1 Margaret Corbin Dr, New York, NY 10040

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