Shake Shack @ UWS

Yes there are several Shake Shack in the city, and each place offers something different. It could be the view, the decor, the service, or a special menu, while getting that yummy food that they offer.

At the Shake Shack on Columbus Ave, we were surprised with a really good service. We have been there a few times, but time, there was one staff who kept the tables clean. I mean, really clean. When customers finished eating, he went and removed the tray and trash off the table so that customers don’t have to do that (and, it helps get them out, right?). When they leave, he will go over and wipe down the table with rag, and then, wipe the surface with disinfecting wipes! How awesome is that?

As for the restaurant itself, as soon as you walk in, there is a big wall of menu, and a long line on most days to get to the ordering counter. They are pretty efficient, so the line moves quickly enough, and a staff usually comes around and hand you a menu so that you can decide what to order while waiting in line. There is a nice Sun room designed area with seating. People usually hang around this small area, since this is the only seating area they see. But, what they don’t realize is that there are much more and bigger seating area downstairs!!!

 SS 02

So, if you take the stairs to the left of entrance, there is a nice big room (well, big enough) with tables and chairs, and also, that is where the bathroom is. The room does not have any windows, but instead, they have TV monitors. Even when the upstairs is completely packed and so many people waiting for tables, there are usually empty table or two available downstairs. So, if you don’t need windows, then take a look there…you might get a seat rather easily.

SS 01

So, you get your seat, you order you food, and then all you need to do is prepare for the nice food/drink you just ordered, until your gadget start lighting up and vibrating. Get some ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, or whatever you need, and get some water too. I really appreciate they offer free water at all Shake Shack locations.

SS 14

We ordered some seasonal items, starting with Pumpkin Pie Shake ($5.50). I know. Incredible right? I am always excited to see special custard of the week, I was so happy we got to taste this one, because it was REALLY amazing! It was really thick, rich, tasted like a real pumpkin pie with nice amount of spice. So yummy!


Next, we moved on to food. Since we went during their “Shacktoberfest,” we got to have their Currywurst: Bavarian Brat topped with crispy ShackMeister Ale-marinated shallots and curry ketchup ($4.99). It was sooooo tasty, I can’t even describe in words… Well, I will do my best. The Brat was juicy, with crispy outside, so it had a nice snap when you bit into it, then all the juicy flavor came out… The fried shallots are crispy and gives extra flavor and texture to the Brat, and then the curry ketchup… Man, I would LOVE to know how they made that! It had an incredible aroma of the curry, and it tasted really great! It went perfectly with the Brat and shallots. It was amazing!!!

SS 09

As for burgers, we had ShackMeister Buger ($6.19) and Roadside Burger ($6.19), both single patty. You can read about how much I really enjoyed ShackMeister at:

The ShackMeister Burger is still my number one! Now, this Roadside Burger is another one of their limited edition items, and is inspired by the many traditional U.S. roadside burger stands of yore that dot our highways.  it is a cheeseburger topped with bacon caramelized onions. You can’t really see the bacon & onion bits in my photo, as they slid down towards the back… but, the flavor was definitely there and it was so tasty! The onion had sponged up all the bacon flavor, perfectly cooked, went perfectly with their juicy patty. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed both burgers to the fullest!

SS 04 SS 03

And we of course had a side of cheese fries ($3.95). How can you get burgers without those awesome fries??? Soft, potato-y goodness coming at you with every bite! It is even better when you share (instead of each person ordering one). It is filling and you don’t want to get over-stuffed… The food is delicious until you get over-stuffed, am I right?

SS 05

Thanks to the great staff cleaning off the tables, we got to enjoy our food on super clean wooden table, and the food was amazing as usual. If you are in UWS anytime soon, head over to Shack Shack for some burger love!

Shake Shack UWS – 366 Columbus Avenue. New York, NY

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