The Filling Station

The Filling Station is a unique shop inside the Chelsea Market, specializing in oils, vinegars, salts, and craft beer both local and imported. Keep their bottles and jars after first purchase to receive a 10% discount on refills while saving the planet at the same time.

We got couple of beers from here, right before they closed for the day. And I will warn you, if its time for them to close, they will close the shop even if there is someone who is interested in buying something. They literally closed the counter right in front of “possible” customers in their face… that was surprising but they have to be strict at some point if they want to go home at a certain time…

Anyway, we bought Two Brothers Domain DuPage, and Peak Organic Fresh Cut Pilsner. The Domain DuPage ($5) is “smooth and malty.” The food-friendly ale is deep amber in color, with a toasty and sweet caramel start. They charge $2 for the jar… If you ever go back and didn’t forget to bring back the jar, then there is a benefit to that, but if not, it is simply making the beer to be $7.

Beer 3

The Fresh Cut Pilsner ($5) is “Light and Crisp.” They have a nice citrus aroma, and finish is crisp, dry, and refreshing. Again, the jar cost $2, so it is more like $7 drink.

Beer 2

They do have quality beers of good selection, and quick too. Just don’t expect any “friendly” service, especially if its time for them to close the shop for the day… LOL.  If you are getting a bite inside the Chelsea market, and want a great beer to go with it, now you know where to go get some!

The Filling Station – 75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

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