Tonni’s Minis

I found this amazing looking cupcake place, almost by accident, and man, what an amazing surprise it was…!

I heard that they used to be in Harlem, with lots and lots of sad customers who truly loved this store. Now, they are reopened at a different spot, but still carrying the same, excellent, high quality sweets.

The inside is bright and clean with white and bright orange, not too large space but enough space to move around with few other customers in it. Also, it had a 2-people seating area by the entrance if you wanted to just have the sweet yummy goodness right there and then.


The moment I walked in, I was greeted by a warm welcome and smile. The staff was not only welcoming but very nice, sweet, and helpful. She asked me if this was my first visit, and then told me each of their offerings. Seriously, how nice are they??? You don’t get that a lot (sadly) in NYC…

They have of course the cupcakes that made them famous: pre-made and and ones you can choose the base and topping. They also have cookies, pies, cakes, and more!

While looking at all the goodness, I kept going back to the same item that looked like donuts. So, I asked, and they told me it is “Dough-ssant”… Yes, if you know or heard of “Cro-nut” you can imagine what they are. It looked too good to pass off, so I got 2 of their most popular flavors, Apple and Caramel. (They also had vanilla bean and strawberry)

The apple dough-ssant ($4) was more like apple crumble, with lots of apple pieces in the middle. It was such a delight, for anyone who loves apple crumble, apple pie, apple turnover, or apple anything, you must get one of these!

The caramel dough-ssant ($4) was filled with sweet, smooth cream, and has caramel drizzled over from the top… It was a dessert heaven! Both dough-ssant were quite large, enough to be shared with someone you love. Totally worth the price!


Surprising thing is that dough-ssant is not even their main item of offering. And if dough-ssant is THIS good, how much more amazing their cupcakes can be??? I would definitely going back there to find out…soon!

They are located near the Cloister and beautiful Fort Tryon park, if you are in the area (or not), you should definitely come up for some awesome sweets!!!

Tonni’s Minis – 4743 Broadway, New York, NY 10040


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