Blue Smoke

When you are in a mood for some delicious Southern dishes, head over to Blue Smoke! Their food is “soulful” and offers all kinds of southern style meals including smoked meats, fried chicken and biscuits, veggies and desserts. They also have nice list of classic and specialty cocktails, American craft beer, and American wines and whiskey. They have outdoor seating, and inside is large and has high ceiling, lots of windows, making it feel very open. They create that southern barbeque feeling with the cut woods piled high from floor to ceiling. I enjoyed the smell of that logs. It also had interesting decoration of branches hanging from ceilings.

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We started off with Blue Point Toasted Lager ($7) which was an amber colored beer with little bitterness, but easy to drink. We also ordered Roasted Oysters ($16) which came with smoked garlic butter and green onions on a bed of sea salt. Interesting presentation. $16 for 4 oysters are very expensive to me, but they did deliver quality dish. The garlic butter and green onion complimented the oysters, which were large sized oysters. It also came with a nice piece of bread. The oysters were pretty delicious.

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For the main dish, we ordered Pulled Pork Shoulder Sandwich ($14) and Blue Smoke Burger ($16). Pulled Pork was very moist and juicy, and very flavorful. It came with nice amount of pork, and sliced pickles. Blue Smoke Burger comes with grilled bacon and choice of cheese. The cheese was melted over the patty, hugging it tightly, and the patty was very juicy and packed with flavor. They both came with choice of barbeque chips or side salad. The barbeque chips had a nice kick to it, I didn’t expect them to be spicy, so it was a good surprise, and it was soooooo delicious and addictive!

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We also ordered Pastalaya ($23) and Grilled Vegetable Kebob with Smoked Chicken ($26).  The pastalaya came with smoked chicken, andouille sausage, orecchiette, and trinity. The price tag for this was pretty high to me, as it didn’t come with any side or bread, and the portion was a bit small. The seasoning, especially salt, was way too strong, you need lots of water to have this dish. It would’ve helped if it had bread or rice to calm the strong salty flavor. The salt was too overpowering, I feel like it could taste much better without so much salt. Grilled Vegetable Kebob came with grilled Summer vegetables, red pepper jam, and Hoppin’ John Fritters.  You can have it as is for $20, or add smoked chicken for additional $6. The vegetables were flavorful and grilled just right, and the chicken was pretty big. This dish was enough to share with someone else.

 BS 6

The service was pretty good, and they do deliver quality dishes (most of them) regardless of the price tag. The sandwiches are reasonable, and very tasty. And the chips… sooo delicious! Overall, it was a nice, pleasant lunch, and you will be full at the end of the meal.  If you are in Battery Park area, and in a mood for pulled pork, head over to Blue Smoke!

Blue Smoke – 255 Vesey St, New York, NY 10282

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