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My favorite drink of all above is a good cup of tea. Any tea, really. Green, black, oolong, rooibos, white, herbal…name it, I love them all. Recently, I discovered a bit fancy store specializes in tea from all over the world: Harney & Sons. Their teas are served at The Plaza, so yeah, they are fancy. And yes, they taste pretty great.

Their tea shop in Soho features hundreds of teas & a small cafe in back so you can taste one before you buy, how great is that? The interior of the store is very roomy, easy to move around while looking for the one tea you want to take home or give someone as a gift.

HS 05 HS 06

They have teas in paper boxes, tin cans, and wood boxes. You can choose from loose tea or tea bags, and they also have tea cups, mugs, tea pots, and other cute accessories. They even had tea honey…say what??? The entire store was clean, organized, easy to see, and yet colorful and cheerful. They also have a small fridge that has ice teas, which are super amazingly delicious too!

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The back of the store is the little tea cafe, where you can sip a cup of tea with some snack or sweets from nearby places or local NYC stores, such as macaron, quiche, biuscotti, etc. The cafe is a small area in the store, but still roomy and never loud. They even have very roomy bathroom!

HS 04

We ordered one of their black teas, Queen Catherine which was recommended to us by our server. It is a belnd of Keemun, Yunnan, and Panyang Congou. Small pot is $6 (2 servings) which we shared. The tea came with their own tea cups and super cute spoon in a shape of a little twig. The had a very nice aroma, and flavor was very nice and not too strong/overpowering. We also ordered biscotti to go with our tea ($3 for two), and chose Cranberry, Lemon & Pistachio flavor and Almond flavor one. The biscotti are from David’s Biscotti based in MA. The biscotti had chunks of almond, cranberry, and pistachio, and it was really light yet full of great flavor. It went great with our tea!

HS 01 HS 03

If you are looking for some nice tea gift, I suggest you head over to this place, and get a little R&R while you are at it with a nice cup of tea! If you don’t want the box/tin can that has 20 or more tea bags, they also have the small tin cans that has 5 tea bags starting $3.50, which are really adorable and colorful as well.

Harney & Sons – 433 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

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