Henry’s is an “American Bistro” in Upper West Side. The inside is roomy and with tall ceilings, with lots of wooden walls surrounding the interior of the restaurant. Each table is dressed with cute blue and white gingham tablecloths, very warm and welcoming feel invites you in. During the Summertime, they open up the large window doors to the streets, and lots of street seating as well. Very nice neighborhood restaurants with loyal local customers who has been going there for years. They are open for lunch, brunch, dinner, and late nights ad well. Even though it has high ceiling and just one big open space, it didn’t feel it was too loud, you could still talk with one another without shouting.


We went there on a weekend for brunch. The brunch menu offers breakfast, soup and salad, burgers and sandwiches. They first served complimentary mini-muffins, which was a bit dry, but still cute and tasty.

Henry's 1

We were planning to get some burgers, so we didn’t order any appetizers. We ordered 2 kinds of burgers. The first one was Chef’s No-Substitutions Burger ($16) with Kobe Beef, Cabot Cheddar, Red Onion Jam, Sour Dill Pickle. Surprisingly, it does not come with salad or fries, so we added an order of sweet potato fries ($7). The fries were soft and tasty, but $7 might be a bit high as a side of fries…  The burger was really thick, juicy, cooked a little less than medium well which was what was requested. The cheese meting over the burger, and red onion jam added extra flavor. It was a good burger, but overall total of $25 with fries, I say it is an expensive item, especially for brunch, unless you don’t need any side of salad or fries.

Henry's 6b Henry's 7a

The second order was the Daily Grind which is prepared fresh daily, Chef’s choice of a special, off-menu burger. The price changes each day. On this day, it was lamb burger ($16) with spinach in the meat topped with goat cheese, served with mixed green salad & french fries. Yes, this one comes with salad AND fries at $16, so it is a much smarter choice, and more interesting. The burger was nice and juicy, but had 2 pieces of hard bone in it, which was very unfortunate… No one likes to bite into a burger and find a piece of bone, right? Other than that, the burger was tasty, and the goat cheese really was excellent, went really well with the burger. The fries were very nice and potato-y, and generous amount of side salad which was nice and fresh.

Henry's 2

So, to finish off the brunch, we ordered cappuccino ($4) and 2 desserts. First order was Apple Crumble ($12) with Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Vermont Maple Syrup, Cinnamon Ice Cream.  The cappuccino was solid, strong, good cup of cappuccino. The apple crumble was ok, it was nice size to share, but the taste was not anything special.  Didn’t really get the “cinnamon” flavor from the cinnamon ice cream. Also, I didn’t really get the apple in it either… It did have nice oatmeal, even though I am not a big fan of oatmeal, I can say this was tasty oatmeal. If you love oatmeal, you might really enjoy this.

Henry's 3  Henry's 5

The second order was Warm Chocolate Cake ($8) with Pistachio Ice Cream. The ice cream had chunks of toasted pistachios in it, it was so yummy! The warm chocolate cake was more like a lava cake, with melted chocolate flowing out the middle as soon as you take a bite out of it. The warmness of the cake made the ice cream to melt quickly, but when the ice cream is tasty, you will get to it faster. It was really nice flavor so it might not even need to have the caramel sauce, but hey, who says no to caramel sauce with ice cream?

Henry's 4a

Overall, it was a pleasant brunch, nice place to get together with friends and family. It is more casual and family friendly (or kids friendly), with the very friendly owner. This will not be my “go-to” place, but a good neighborhood restaurant with cozy atmosphere, and you can even enjoy live music on certain days and time. Service was not so nice, it was cold and came off as almost rude. But, they don’t rush, so you can enjoy the meal until the end.

Henry’s, 2745 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

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