Nitehawk Cinema #2

This is my second review of Nitehawk Cinema. Check out my first review at:

After going to this theater once, we became a big fan. Interesting old movies and great food, what a perfect combination! This time, we went to see old classic action movie. The theater was clean as before, and the staff there are very nice and friendly.

We decided to do the Breakfast Club ($14) again, which includes a drink of your choice and a main dish of your choice. We got Mimosa and Iced Coffee. Mimosa was as good as the last time, strong and tasty, and the coffee was also good. It came in a big glass which was great. We also ordered Coffee Doughnuts and Seasonal Popcorn. The Coffee Doughnuts ($7) was surprisingly tastier than expected, and it was pretty good size. It had coffee cream filling, and came with whipped cream (I think it was flavored) so you can dunk your doughnuts in it for even more sweetness and deliciousness. It was really great!!! The Seasonal Popcorn ($8) was with truffle butter, citric salt, sriracha, and chipotle-lime. Yes, that is quite a lot of different kinds of seasonings, but somehow, they found perfect harmony, because it was really tasty! It had the kick of spiciness from the sriracha, the refreshing zest from chipotle-lime, hint of truffle and bold citric salt flavor. It was really one of a kind flavor. It was addictive and disappeared before the movie was over, of course.

 NH 02  NH 08

As for the main dish, we ordered Nitehawk Benedict and Nitehawk Burger. Nitehawk Benedict came with poached eggs, housemade sage sausage, tater tots, and chipotle hollandaise. Even though there was no mention of English muffin or bread of any kind, I was still surprised that it didn’t come with any bread under the eggs. It was small in portion and it was missing some kind of flavor. I think this was very similar to their Baked Egg, which was super flavorful and tasty, so I was unconsciously comparing this dish to it, and I felt this was not as tasty. (read about Baked Egg at:

The Nitehawk Burger was great the last time, so we got just a little different version of it this time. This time, we got it with Cheddar ($1) and Bacon ($1.50), and requested tater tots instead of fries. It was again delicious, juicy, good portion, and their tater tots are really amazing! They know how to do burger right!

 NH 06


There is no doubt we will be going back to enjoy more movies and food at this cinema, it certainly is a great experience and a great way to enjoy the weekend!

Nitehawk Cinema – 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brookly, NY 11249

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