Nitehawk Cinema

There are a few dine-in movie theaters around, but not all of them offers quality food, and interesting concept on top of that. So, if you want experience a good, classic movie with amazing food, I say this place really got it.

Nitehawk offers exemplary first-run and repertory films along with tableside food and beverage service. They come up with interesting menu items that are somehow related to (or inspired by) their current feature films, as well as their regular menu items. One of my favorite part of this entire experience is their thirty-minute “Pre-shows” tailored to each movie or the actor in the movie.

They have nice bar and seating area in the inside and outside of the theater. So if you just wanted to go there for their amazing food and drinks without watching a movie, you can do that too!

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The box office (which is also another bar) is on second floor, where they have collection of old VHS movie covers, which also make a really nice design, gives you something to look at while waiting for the theater door to open. You can also order some drinks while waiting as well. They seem to have nice collection of drinks, from cocktail to beer selection.


Inside the theater is smaller than regular theater like AMC, but it makes it more intimate without too crowded, and without being noisy. There are plenty of space in front of you so that the servers can walk around with food and drinks. The table is arranged for 2 seats, with light underneath it so that if you need add another order during the movie, you can still see in the dark.

We went there for weekend brunch show. Their menu looked sooooo good, we were very excited. We missed the Grand Budapest Hotel when they came out, and Nitehawk offered this movie on that particular weekend! The pre-show was all about Jeff Goldblum. It showed some clips from his movies, interviews, TV commercials, etc. It was really funny and interesting clips!

We started off with our main dish from their “Breakfast Club” menu, which are all $14 and includes one free drinks (Mimosa, Bloody Mary, soda, hot tea, coffee, or iced coffee). We ordered Nitehawk House Blend Burger and Baked Eggs.  The burger comes with chipotle aioli, hand-cut fries or salad.  We added gruyere cheese ($1), caramelized onions ($1), and fried egg ($1.50), which made this order to be $17.50 with a drink. I also asked to swap the fries with tater tots. The burger was big, juicy, flavorful. The cheese was melting over the burger and just hugged it all around. The onion had right amount of seasoning, and the egg was cooked to perfection… it was really awesome! The tater tots were really great too, crispy on the outside and soft, potato-y in the inside. Worth every penny.


The Baked Eggs comes with sun-dried tomato marinara, red and yellow peppers, feta, and grilled country bread. This thing was also really amazing, from the marinara, eggs, and tater tots drizzled with gooey sauce. It was a food heaven from the first bite the very last!!! Had 2 perfectly poached eggs, super flavorful marinara… we never had such amazing food in a movie theater!


Our choices of drinks were Mimosa and Bloody Mary, and they were both strong, flavorful, and done right. Not watered down in any way, high quality drinks that will sure to make you happy.


We also ordered popcorn for the rest of the movie after finishing with our meal. They have several options on the gourmet popcorn, and we chose Nitehawk Popcorn with truffle butter and citric salt ($8). Our server brought us a large bowl filled to the top with hot popcorn with nice truffle flavor and salt, we were all set… We also ordered large bottle of water, 28 oz ($6). The popcorn was really great, we would like to try other kinds as well…


The movie was of course amazing, with delicious food and drinks, what more can we ask for? And the servers walking around never really bothered us, they all made sure to come in and out in a nice, quiet way so that they won’t be bothering anyone. The service was great, friendly, and courteous. This place really has it all. We can’t wait to go back for more!

Nitehawk Cinema – 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brookly, NY 11249

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