Petee’s Pie Company

I have had this place on the back of my mind for a while. Anytime I hear about a great dessert place, they make it on my list. And sooner or later, I will make my way over to try some of their sweet concoctions. This place, obviously form their name, focuses on pies.


It is a small pie shop, with most of the floor being taken up by the kitchen and storage shelves. There was only one staff there when we walked in, and even she disappeared somewhere in the back for few minutes… But with it being a small space, I am sure if you yelled out, she could hear and come right back.

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We were amazed by the choices of pies that they offer, so it took us more than few minutes to decide on which one to order. They had several kinds of ice box pies in the refrigerated window showcase. On the back of the counter, they had more pies out of the oven on the shelves.

They had counter seating by the window, just 5 seats. Since they do have some drinks like coffee, tea, etc., they have condiments section next to the counter. The counter table was made with wood pieces, maybe natural single wood piece? It was really cool looking.

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They also had some cookies and macaroons, but come on, this is a pie place. Why would you not get their pies??? Right? They have several Standard, Seasonal, Savory, and Ice Box Pies to choose from. We ordered Brown Butter Honey & Pecan Pie ($6/slice), which is one of their standard pies, and Banana Cream Pie ($7/slice), which is one of their ice box pies.

Our pies came in a paper container with wax paper on it. With plastic forks. I saw many photos of other customers from this place, with pretty, colorful plates, so I was a bit sad. I am not sure if they just stop serving their pies on an actual plates, or it is based on the staff/customer??? Anyways, that will not change how the actual pie would taste, so I just let it go. The pecan pie was very rich, decadent, moist, and super delicious.  The crust was also nice, it complimented the pie really well. It had lots and lots of pecans, crunchy and flavorful. It is a great pie for pecan lover, if you also love something really sweet. The taste of brown sugar and honey were very much present, high quality pie.

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I feel like banana cream pie is one of the safest pit to choose, as I haven’t really had any banana cream pie that was bad. This one I would say was more than just “good.” It was really excellent, very creamy, velvety, melt in your mouth good. I felt like the banana cream part of the pie was not that much, it was more whipped cream topping than the banana cream, but it was still super awesome. I could see vanilla beans, and the pie crust was also great on this one as well. Sweet and comforting, I really loved it.

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We also bought a cup of coffee, which came in the NYC typical Greek paper cup. The coffee was nothing special, but it is always good to have hot coffee or tea to go with desserts.


The pies were indeed excellent, I would like to go back and taste more of their pies. The service on the other hand was really non-existing. We didn’t get any greeting when we walked in, and didn’t get much information on any of their pies as we were trying to choose which one to order. But the pies were good enough to ignore that part of the experience. Their menu looked way too good, not to go back… Since I didn’t get any of their seasonal pies, I would like to go back and get some fresh, seasonal pie offerings.

Petee’s Pie Company – 61 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002

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