The Lemon Ice King of Corona

It certainly has been a hot Summer. What saves us from the heat? Nice air conditioned room, ice cream, beach…and then there is Italian Ice.  We heard everyone talking about this one in particular, near Corona Park. On a weekend we were visiting the Corona Park, and had some nice water splashing our face from the Unisphere, we decided to take a walk over to this Italian Ice spot. It was quite a walk, especially on a hot day. It was around 20 minutes walk, and then we finally arrived to this window-serve location. I might have been hoping for a place with indoor seating, and strong air condition, but that dream was crushed quickly. They had enough staffs working so it was pretty quick to get our order.


They had so many flavors, from all the basic ones to creative ones. We ordered Peanut Butter and Watermelon. They were $1.50 for small, and they only take cash. The smalls were pretty small, but after eating them, I say small was just the right amount, as they are very sweet. We found a bench nearby in a park, across the street. They don’t come with spoon or anything, so we started biting into them out of the cup. It was very smooth, velvety, and yes, melt in your mouth, literally. The peanut butter one had some chunks of peanuts, which were great. It had really nice flavor, I have never thought of peanut better Italian ice, but my goodness it worked wonderfully! The watermelon was very sweet, strong watermelon flavor. A nice, refreshing little treat at very affordable price.

IMG_2500 IMG_2499

Make sure you get some napkins, as it can be messy once the paper cup starts to break, you can’t really stop the leak, as they melt in the heat… And, even though they were really tasty and great, they did make us thirsty after eating them. We found a grocery/deli nearby and bought us a bottle of water. It was a good experience, and I would go back again, only if we are in the area. It is not a convenient location, so the next visit might be next Summer…

The Lemon Ice King of Corona – 52-02 108th St, Corona, NY 11368

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