Kitchenette Uptown

Kitchenette is a cute, cozy, home-style cooking restaurant.  Their country-kitchen décor invites you to this small (or rather “narrow”) space. With it being small with as many tables/chairs as possible, it can get quite noisy when it gets packed – and they are popular, especially during weekends. They offer breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner.  The servers are mostly friendly and cheerful, the service here is ok.

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We went to Kitchenette one weekend for brunch. We started out with coffee and orange juice. The Fair Trade Organic Coffee ($3.25) is pretty good, with free refill, and very reasonable price. It comes in their cute mug. Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice ($4.75) came in the mason jar, which I thought was cute and very country-like.  $4.75 might be a bit high, but when it is a good, real freshly-squeezed kind, it is normal price, and yes, it was very good, fresh, and delicious.

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For the main dish, we ordered Cottage Breakfast and Lumber Jane. Cottage Breakfast ($13.50) comes with scrambled eggs with bacon, Swiss and caramelized onions and a honey wheat English muffin, and a choice of cheese grits, field greens, or breakfast potatoes. I chose the breakfast potatoes.  The scramble eggs were really tasty, with all the ingredients working together to create a great flavor. The potatoes were ok, nothing really speical. I like their strawberry butter, it adds extra flavor to the toast or English muffin.  Lumber Jane ($17) came with eggs, two pieces of French toast and bacon or turkey sausage.  We substituted baked French toast for additional $2.00.  The baked French toast was very rich and filling, and pretty tasty. The rest was ok.

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It certainly is a cute little place, and you get good food here, recommend you to go a bit early before the peak hour.

Kitchenette Uptown – 1272 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027

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