Lady M Confection Boutiques @ WTC

I have been a fan of Lady M for a while (you can read more about it here: The only issue is that they are super popular, and not very large space. Therefore, it naturally creates long line and very crowded space. Luckily, I found another location, inside World Trade Center Tower 4, beneath the new Eataly (you can read more about it here:

It located on the street level, by the escalator. This location is not set up as a cafe, but more of a “pick up” or “to go” spot. The issue is that their cakes needs to be kept refrigerated, and usually, it is best when eaten immediately (before it gets deformed due to movements or with warm temperature). In my opinion, they have enough space in front of the counter to make a small seating, but they have a large flower decoration sitting at that spot. Not having a place to sit and eat their cake immediately is an issue, I hope they will take this into consideration.

So, the cakes, they have all sorts of beautiful cakes for purchase, either as a whole or just a piece. They all look so delicious, it is always a struggle to choose one. Their signature cake are mille crêpes, so decadent, elegant, and simply amazing.

After raving about their mille crêpes to my mother (who never had Lady M mille crêpes before) got very curious, and wanted to try them. I let her choose the kinds she wanted to try, and she went with Green Tea Mille Crêpes ($8.50) and Marron Mille Crêpes ($9). I’ve already had both kinds before, but since I really love their mille crêpes, I didn’t care if they were the same kinds or not. The mille crêpes were put into a box, and then we had to find a place to have the cakes. Since we also wanted to have the cakes with tea or coffee, we decided to go up to Eataly and have cappuccino there.

Eataly has a nice seating area by the window near dessert and coffee section, we got to have the cakes immediately after the purchase. The slices are pretty good size, my mother was very excited. They are not cheap, but they certainly give you a generous size piece, and it totally is worth every penny. The Green Tea Mille Crêpes has about twenty crêpe layers enveloping pasty cream and sprinkled with green tea powder. Marron Mille Crêpes also has about twenty layers of handmade crêpes, and chestnut pasty cream in between. This one is dusted with powdered sugar. They have a really rich, deep, elegant flavor with every bite, and velvety pasty cream seeping out between the delicate crêpe layers.

My mother so happy she got to try these infamous mille crêpes. And we were also happy that there is Eataly right on the upper level, allowing us to have a nice cafe table setting with good cappuccino to go with our cakes. Lady M at least provides plastic forks and knifes (that made to look like silverware, which was cool). But when I asked the staff where we can eat the cakes, he pointed across the street. There is a park nearby, but first of all, it was really cold that day, and second, it was raining!!! The park only works on a nice warm day during Spring or Fall, and maybe on some Summer days, but not when it is super hot or humid (as the cake will melt). On cold Winder day or rainy/snowy day, forget it. So, if this location does not provide any seating options in the near future, just go up to Eataly and get yourself some nice coffee to go with your cake. And, Eataly also have bathroom so that is all around plus!

Lady M Confections Boutiques @ WTC – 101 Liberty St, New York, NY 10006

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