Yankee Stadium

It is the Baseball season, and even if you are not a baseball fan, going to the Yankee Stadium itself is a fun experience. And they do have pretty good food! The new stadium has even more selection from the old stadium, including sushi and prime steak! I have not tried them yet, but maybe I will the next time… They looked pretty good!

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One thing we always ordered at the Yankee Stadium is, of course, a foot-long hot dog! It won’t be the same without it… Nathan’s hot dog with everything ($7) is really plump, juicy, and tasty. It really hit that spot! We also ordered Chicken Sliders ($12) which comes with fries. The large chicken strips is pretty nice, but there is nothing other than chicken and buns, so it definitely requires some sauce or mustard or something. They do have ketchup, mustard, spicy brown mustard and hot sauce available. The fries were nice and soft, very potato-y. They also have regular burger sliders as well if you prefer.

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Another thing that always gets me is the soft-serve… especially in their little Yankee cap! We got one with chocolate sprinkle ($6) and yes, they are delicious! You get a little souvenir at the same time, and good size portion.


The game itself was horrible, we lost miserably, but we all have good days and the bad, and the bad days do make us appreciate the good days even more. Let’s Go Yankee!!!

Yankee Stadium – 1 E 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451

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